This is a short diary to inform the community of a new Daily Kos group called "In Memoriam." In Memoriam will republish diaries about the passing of Daily Kos members--diaries with tags like "obituary," "memorial," "R.I.P." and "in memoriam."

I invite all Daily Kos members to join the group and/or suggest diaries to add. I have republished zircon the twisted's diary on the passing of Translator as the first diary in the group.

Hopefully, the new group will make it easier for Daily Kos members to keep up with the passing of other members. Unfortunately, I can't think of a way to include diaries prior to 2013 without making it difficult for members to find current diaries; there is no way, to my knowledge, to date-order republished diaries.  If any of you have a suggestion, please share it in the comments or via Kosmail.

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