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Nope, not from here...
I am beginning to think I have crossed over some inter-dimensional boundary and am now living in a new universe where The Onion is considered a trusted news source and not satire.

We all know that Scott Walker has pretty much driven Wisconsin into the ground over the last two years. The state ranks 42nd in the nation for job creation, which would be great (kind of?) if we had 100 states, but we don't, we only have 50. Of course Walker has a plan to fix this. Now, one would think that maybe he would actually do something to create jobs, like build a rail line through the state or invest heavily in education.

Nah, that would be to easy. Walker's plan to reduce unemployment? Well,  he is developing a new way to measure Wisconsin's employment needs. The reason for this new method?

[He complains about] the accuracy of monthly unemployment data based on a survey of about 3.5 percent of Wisconsin businesses. The more accurate data, based on a census of nearly all Wisconsin businesses, comes quarterly and has a six month lag.

Walker said Tuesday that gap makes it difficult to use those numbers for making quick responses to the state's employment needs. He says he is moving forward with a real-time labor management system so the state can react to job needs better.

In other words—"the numbers suck, I need to make some different ones up." This is truly something I would expect to see in The Onion. The problem can't possibly be his policies, nope, it is the way we count the unemployed.

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