Sorry, I can't hang around, but in case folks are interested, the results are coming in and it looks like the right-wing didn't do anywhere near as well as they'd hoped.

From CNN:

Jerusalem (CNN) -- Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's party got the most votes in Israel's national election Tuesday, but a respectable showing by centrists could slow or halt a rightward swing in the government.

Netanyahu's Likud Beitenu won 31 Knesset seats in the Israel election, according to three TV exit polls, gaining the most as expected. Jewish Home, an extreme right party with a charismatic leader named Naftali Bennett, got 12 seats.

But the Yesh Atid party, a centrist movement devoted to helping the middle class and halting military draft exemptions for ultra-Orthodox civilians, came in a surprising second place with 19 seats, according to two exit polls, and 18, according to a third.

FYI, Labor appears to have won 17 seats, Tzipi Livni's centrist party (Hatnua) got 7, and Meretz, a leftist party, got 7 as well. Shas (a very religious party) got about a dozen. That adds up to about 105 of the 120 seats, so I'm assuming most of the rest went to Arab or other parties. Folks can contribute more news as it comes in. Sorry I can't stay, but hope folks find this useful.

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