We've been subjected to an onslaught of Roe v Wade opinions all day.  How morally bankrupt and unChristian this nation has become.  Millions of unborn babies, never to see a birthday or graduation, oh how sad and unthinkable.  

Something is conspicuously missing from their rhetoric; it's their concern for this nation's existing children.  Especially here in Florida, easily the drug capital; a pediatric nurse told me in October that "cleaning" a born addict is now accomplished within 21 days instead of 30.  Then they are released by DCF to their birth mothers.  One can only imagine what the lives of these children are like.  There are probably millions of them.  Let me tell you about one I love dearly.

Her name is Abby and she is my granddaughter.  Her mother is my daughter.  Abby's parents have been abusing drugs for about a dozen years now.  When Abby was born, she weighed 6 lbs. but looked like she weighed 20.  Her father was tweaking in the birthing room, leaving every 5 minutes or so to snort his crushed pills.  It was surreal...nobody did anything.  All those medical people, yet nobody called the police, or tested Abby or her parents for drugs, or called DCF or questioned my daughter.  When Abby went home her dad, who was on probation, continued to sell drugs from their apartment.  I prayed that my daughter would be frightened for the safety of her child, but she wasn't.  Then, because they are addicts, they didn't pay their rent and had to move in with us.  Abby was 4 mos. old.  

Addicts don't "succeed" because you don't "trust" them.  So we told them we weren't "parents", but we had some expectations.  He had to keep his job.  (He was on probation at the time.)  They had to pay for their own groceries.  Otherwise, they could stay as long as they needed to get on their feet.  They took Abby everywhere.  Her "aunt" (whose first child had been seized because the boyfriend beat it up and she refused to leave him) became Abby's babysitter when her dad needed to "see his friends".  We were never permitted to be with Abby all day by ourselves.  In the heat of Florida, her parents would prepare her bottles from powdered formula for us.  For short jaunts.  In an insulated diaper bag. Local labs refused to test the bottles for drugs. (Chain of custody, they said.)

Soon, all my jewelry disappeared, as did my husbands coin collection.  Abby's dad would be up all night, his head landing with a thud in plates of food.  Their room was full of ants and old, crusty plates.  Soon he "lost" his job.  He resumed screaming in my daughter's face.  The end had come; we told my daughter that he had to go but she could stay.  We called the police and filed a report for the stolen items.  Two days later, while I was at work, my daughter took Abby and left.

They moved in with his alcoholic father in a 700 s.f. home in cracktown.  I was confident that I could protect Abby.  However, within a month visitation came to a grinding halt.  I called DCF and an "investigation" ensued.  The parents both tested positive to oxycodone and marijuana on DCF's first surprise visit.  However, nothing was done to protect Abby.  That was 17 months ago.   She still lives with her parents.  I haven't seen her since January 1, 2012.

Name the agency or public servant, I have contacted them.  At least a dozen detectives have told me that they can't or won't do anything.  The sheriff's captain told me that I'm adverserial, so he refuses to make this a "case".  Detectives have threatened me with arrest for harrassment.  DCF caseworkers and supervisors have screamed at and insulted me.  One of them told me she was calling the police when I asked her a question.  Her supervisor told me that she was hanging up on me and if I didn't like it I could call Tallahassee.  I did. Nothing was done.  I have reported that her mother told me last year that Abby's father "keeps her asleep all day Saturdays" while she's at work.  The last photo of Abby was texted to us by her father July 31, 2012.  He is holding her and they are both high.  I had 20 copies made, one for DCF.  The caseworker accepted the photo; Abby still lives with her parents and is not, unfortunately, an isolated case.  I am a hair stylist and I hear accounts of police indifferance and abuse all day long.  DCF can be more dangerous to our children than their own abusive parents.  They are inconsistant and without oversight; many of my clients grandchildren have been removed from their homes for far less than Abby's case yet she is still without protection.    

So forgive me for seeing a glaring hypocrisy in all this abortion debate.  Our tax dollars are currently funding child abuse and neglect (a felony) at the hands of DCF and law enforcement.  Career drug dealers are protected by "Florida's finest".  The "war on drugs"?  Hasn't been one down here for years.  After all, nobody cares how it affects our tiniest citizens.  They've already been born.  
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