President Obama delivers 2011 State of the Union (Photo: Jim Young, Reuters)
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7:30 PM PT: Marco Rubio delivering the GOP response, he's coming out strongly against Feudalism.

7:31 PM PT: Rubio is speaking in a very dimly lit studio. He's now GOPsplaining to America that businesses are created when people take risks. "But President Obama believes this is the cause of our problems."

7:32 PM PT: "Hi, my name is Marco Rubio, and I'm a fucking nutjob."

7:32 PM PT: Oh God. This asshole is now trotting out the old lie that Freddie and Fannie created the housing crisis. Man, how do you argue with people who refuse to accept facts as they exist?

7:34 PM PT: I will say, Rubio does an okay job when he's uncontested. (And doing an okay job is better than most GOP SOTU responses.) But when he gets into a debate with Hillary (or Joe), he's going to get absolutely crushed.

7:35 PM PT: Marco Rubio's response only seems sane to people who either already liked him or who simply didn't see Obama's speech. Anyone who saw Obama's speech knows that everything Rubio is saying here is horseshit.

7:35 PM PT: Oh, and by the way, why the fuck is Marco Rubio running against Barack Obama? Obama won't be on the ballot in 2016. Jeesh, what an idiot.

7:36 PM PT: Rubio is now delivering a blistering speech against Straw Man President Obama. While wiping some flop sweat from his brow.

7:36 PM PT: Shorter Rubio: "I AM KING NUTJOB. VOTE ME IN 2016. NOT SANTORUM."

7:37 PM PT: Reince sees starbursts:

Read the text of @marcorubio's response to the #SOTU. A real vision for solving our challenges. http://t.co/...
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7:38 PM PT: Maybe I shouldn't say this, but doesn't Rubio give the impression of a guy who likes to pleasure himself whilst looking in the mirror?

7:39 PM PT:
This Rubio speech is geared solely to hardcore Iowa GOP caucus goes. Defensive and nasty screed. Disconnected from what POTUS actually said
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7:44 PM PT (Kaili Joy Gray): New thread here.

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