Not really a diary, but I post for its LOL-worthiness.

From The Hill,

Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said he believes the primary goal of President Obama’s second term is to “annihilate the Republican Party.

“Given what we heard yesterday about the president’s vision for his second term, it’s pretty clear to me that he knows he can’t do any of that as long as the House is controlled by Republicans,” Boehner said in a speech Tuesday to The Ripon Society. “So we’re expecting over the next 22 months to be the focus of this administration as they attempt to annihilate the Republican Party.

“And let me just tell you, I do believe that is their goal — to just shove us into the dustbin of history.”

I also find this part humorous:
Boehner's speech was not open to the press, but The Ripon Society, a Republican think tank, released a transcript and video on Wednesday with the knowledge of the Speaker's office.
So, I guess the "think tank" thought it made Boehner look good by releasing these comments.  Or maybe the idea was to make Obama look like a big ruthless meanie.

Anyway, here's hoping that Boehner is right!

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