BRYANT: There is no one who doesn’t have health care in America. No one. Now, they may end up going to the emergency room. There are better ways to deal with people that need health care than this massive new program.
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On behalf of numerous relatives struggling with this very issue, Gov. Bryant, may I suggest that you voluntarily give up your state provided health insurance. And also your not-inconsiderable personal wealth. And then go into the emergency room and tell them you've been blacking out, and see what quality of care you receive. Make certain you go into the ER at the state hospital that handles indigents.

When you finish that exercise in humiliation, you can put your suit back on and go upstairs to the hospital accounting department, and have someone who understands the hospital budget explain to you where the money to pay for indigent care comes from. Hint: Ask to buy a vowel. It's the
F d r l G v rnm nt. and ns r d p t  nts.

Or you could just get outside your rich white male bubble and care for a second. That would be quicker and easier.

This is not a new train of thought in the Republican Party. During the presidential election, GOP candidate Mitt Romney claimed that “we do provide care for people who don’t have insurance” by picking them up in ambulance and taking them to the hospital. But suggesting that uninsured Americans can simply get the care they need in the ER is naive. Emergency room and ambulatory care are some of the most expensive medical services in the industry, and the current health care safety net isn’t able to accommodate the strain of an influx of uninsured, low-income Americans who can’t foot those bills.
Anything - ANYTHING - to avoid admitting that Obamacare was a step forward.
Let him die! Let him die!
Jesus weeps.
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