Foolish people who coincidentally (heh) have religious beliefs often mistake atheism for nihilism, so I would like to liberate them from this misimpression: We can be full of reverence.  Just not necessarily reverence of things that don't exist, dreamed up in the fevered imaginations of people long dead. Real life is no "kingdom" - it is a vast, uncharted territory with many things to discover, and many things worthy of worship.  The following are a few things I don't merely like and enjoy, but which I find enriching on a personal level.  They may mean nothing to you, or they may seem entertaining but hardly profound.  That is the awesomeness of a world without limits: That you can find what you seek, in places that surprise you, and that in some cases may remain mysterious to those around you.  Some cliches are truly profound; some obscure things soar above everything famous; you just don't know anything until you find it.

There is more living truth below than in any "holy" book:

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