I am going to file cloture in just a second, which I hate to do—another motion to proceed. Boy, if there were ever a time when Tom Udall and Jeff Merkley were prophetic, it is tonight. These two young, fine Senators said it was time to change the rules in the Senate. We did not. They were right. The rest of us were wrong or most of us anyway. What a shame. [...]

But I wish to say again for those who are listening here or watching, Senator Udall and Senator Merkley wanted to do something to change the rules regarding filibusters. If there was anything that ever needed changing in this body, it is the filibuster rule.

It has been abused, abused, and abused by my Republican colleagues.

- Sen. Harry Reid, Floor of the U.S. Senate, May 10, 2012

The emerging accord is a major step away from the Merkley-Udall “talking filibuster” plan [...]. It’s also more modest than Reid’s middle-path proposal [...].

The major proponents of reform believe the Reid-McConnell deal under discussion would not make it easier to pass legislation [...].

The agreement would avoid the need for Reid to utilize the constitutional option and change Senate rules with 51 votes, a move that Reid said Wednesday morning he had the votes for but which many Republicans and Levin warned against using.

[...T]he reforms would entail a two-year change to the filibuster that can be passed with 60 votes under a “standing order.”

- "Reid, McConnell Close To Filibuster Reform Deal," Sahil Kapur, Talking Points Memo, Jan. 23, 2013

What a shame indeed, Senator Reid, that you knowingly and openly do what you acknowledged to be wrong.

Too bad that, as Senator Reid and the rest of the Republican and Democratic senators who undercut meaningful filibuster reform willingly wallow in shame, they dirty us with it as well.

11:40 PM PT, Jan. 24th: Now with video, and the proper Maddow treatment:

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