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I painted with oils for the first time today.  I took a water based painting class this summer and had some fun with water colors and acrylics, but I didn't get any good with them and I have only taken a beginning drawing class, so, even though I spent my childhood drawing rather than paying attention in school, I am still a beginner at drawing.  I am getting good at perspective and negative space and even with color, but light values are still a bit difficult for me to wrap my head around.  

I was supposed to paint corner bookshelves, but I screwed up.  I made a drawing of the outline of the bookshelves well enough, but when I started painting them with black, I hadn't thought about the fact that without light on the surface there wouldn't be a way to distinguish the shelves of an entirely black bookshelf.  Not even once I painted the books.  I tried to paint over the black paint with shades of dark grey, but it was too much of a mess.  So, I decided to wait until the paint drys and start over.

But there was still an hour of class left and an awful lot of empty white space on my canvas, so, I decided to experiment with the paints.  I mixed colors and tried them out on the surface of the canvas.  I tried out painting with different brushes.  I tried out different brush strokes.  I figured that I would just paint over it all after it dries.

But then I started experimenting with painting a face and then hair and a hairy chest and the next thing I knew I had a 6x6 painting of an orange guy in the bottom left corner of my canvas.  I added green to the negative space and say hello to Orange Abraham Wolverine!

I kind of like him, so, I took a couple pictures with my iphone, so I have something to keep after I paint over him with corner bookshelves.

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