Received this email today from U.S. Senator Kay Hagan (D. NC) asking supporters to help her put the pressure on congress to pass the Violence Against Women Act:
BREAKING: A bill for a new bipartisan Violence Against Women Act has just been introduced in the Senate.

As Congress gets ready to vote on this crucial legislation, we have to put all we can behind our push to renew this life-saving law. I’m partnering with EMILY’s List to make it clear to lawmakers on both sides of the aisle: anything short of its passage is unacceptable.

We must refuse to be silenced. We need to get this bill through the Senate, and let House Republicans know that blocking this again is not an option.

Too many in Washington take the easy way out. That’s how VAWA expired in the first place. Join me and EMILY’s List right away to bring this law back.

Women all across the country need this. This is a fight worth fighting.

Join with me and EMILY’s List. Tell Congress that we will accept nothing less than the passage of VAWA.


There are so many reasons to renew VAWA.

It’s not just that it funds crisis centers for women and children…

It’s not just that it supports 911 and first-responders, so women and families have a place to turn…

It’s not just that it helps women leave behind abusive situations…

It’s all of those things, and more. And this law has always been bipartisan.

Partner with me and EMILY’s List, and let’s send a message to Congress: We want VAWA passed now.


Help us get this done. This could save women’s lives. They need us.


You can sign her petition here:


And if you are a North Carolina resident or a supporter of Hagan's feel free to contribute and get involved with her re-election campaign:


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