Apparently, Florida learned the hard way that it’s not a good idea to piss-off voters.  They pulled every dirty trick in the book to disenfranchise voters last November but now, they seem to be singing a different tune.  

So, when the Speaker of the House was asked if Florida would participate in the Virginia-style plan we learned this:

“…Florida, the largest swing state, won't go along with changing the Electoral College if Florida House Speaker Will Weatherford has any say (and he has a major say).

"To me, that's like saying in a football game, 'We should have only three quarters, because we were winning after three quarters and the beat us in the fourth," Weatherford, a Republican, told the Herald/Times. "I don't think we need to change the rules of the game, I think we need to get better."

Okay, that sounds completely reasonable but what about Florida’s Senate Leader?  Check this:
“Not only is Weatherford opposed to the idea, fellow Republican and Florida Senate President Don Gaetz is decidedly cool to it. When asked about changing the way Electoral College votes are apportioned, Gaetz thought the entire system should be scrapped.

 "I think we should abolish the Electoral College but nobody in Washington has called to ask for my opinion," Gaetz said. "If James Madison had asked me, and I had been there, I would have said a popular vote is a better way to do it." Gaetz said the electoral college shrinks the presidential campaign to a handful of states as it did in 2012.”

I’m also hearing that it’s actually dead-in-the-water in Virginia because GOP State Senator Holtzman refuses to back the plan which would cause it to die on the vine.

My only disappointment is that their pathetic act of desperation is not getting more play in the national media.

We’ll win 2016—in spite of the games these cons play.

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