Say Goodbye to Gun Safety reform ...

Say Goodbye to Immigration reform ...

Say Goodbye to increasing Revenue from Taxes ...

Say Goodbye to the American Jobs Act ...

Say Goodbye to any serious Climate Change initiatives ...

Say Goodbye to having a Public Option and closing the Doughnut Hole ...


And then say Thanks Harry!

Thanks Harry for keeping the Senate a place where Minority Opinion rules.

Thanks Harry for going back on your word to fight for a Talking Filibuster on the floor of the once-great Chamber.

Thanks Harry for trusting Mitch McConnell once again, NOT to hold the President's Agenda hostage;  Trusting McConnell and the GOP Party of Obstruction to change their obstructing ways -- just because you and your new best-bud Mitch, had a few beers over rib-eyes.

We've seen this play before -- Here's a hint, Harry:  It does not end well for Dems, or anything remotely resembling a Progressive to-do list.

Harry Reid just told us Progressives to say goodbye to All That.  Because Mitch knows best, on what should be Voted-On in the House of Reid.

-- Not the Majority will of the American People, on issue after Progressive issue.

-- Not even a landslide Election, that kept the Senate and the Presidency in Democratic hands.

Nope, it's Filibustering Mitch who knows best; ... knows what needs NOT-to-be-Done in America.  

Heck Mitch knows that even on those rare moments when he may feel a twinge of compromise -- that he may need to even Filibuster himself.

Only under Harry Reid's rule does "stuff" like this -- pass for normal.

Not anything else much, passes though.  Thanks Harry ... Here we go again!


This post has a apt cartoon and some additional choice commentary, on the Giant Gift that Republicans were just given.

Sen. Harry Reid's filibuster deal infuriates liberal Democrats
by David Horsey, LATimes.com -- Jan 24, 2013

It also has a poll which, I will repeat here.

(as if it will matter)

As we say goodbye to any hope of real Progress happening anytime soon.

We've seen this GOP power play before.   Say Hello to the new Do Nothing normal.  

As Rachel put it:

"Hey, they'll still be able to get 'Nothing done'

-- only faster now."

I guess faster, is progress ... eh?


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