Yesterday, there was a great post by Q Tip about how Democrats should push for a national popular vote. It has background info and action links. I agree, but I think we can reach out to and convince Republicans.

It's in the Republicans best interest to help implement the national popular vote.

The nationwide vote tally for the 2012 presidential election shows that Obama beat Romney by 3.9% or about 5 million votes.

Obama could've lost every state he won by less than 5.4 points (Florida, Ohio, and Virginia), and he still would've won 272-266.
-kos, 11/29/2012
That analysis still holds up with the most recent numbers:

In both Colorado and Pennsylvania where Obama beat Romney by 5.4%, the vote margin was 1.5% greater than the nationwide vote margin of 3.9%. These critical swing states (i.e. the tipping point states) are democratic-leaning compared to the nation as a whole.

Even if Romney had won nationwide by 1% (some 1.3 million voters), he still would have lost Colorado and Pennsylvania and therefore the election.

Given trends in swing states, it's likely that the electoral college map will become more and more difficult for Republicans going forward.

a large number of electorally critical states – both traditional swing states like Iowa and Pennsylvania and newer ones like Colorado and Nevada – have been Democratic-leaning in the past two elections. If Democrats lose the election in a blowout, they would probably lose these states as well. But in a close election, they are favored in them.
- Nate Silver, 538. "As Nation and Parties Change, Republicans Are at an Electoral College Disadvantage," 11/08/2012.
This is why Republicans are trying to make democratic-leaning states apportion their electoral votes in a way that will benefit Republicans. But instead of running with their current scheme (which is unfair and will be wildly unpopular with voters), Republican state legislators should join their Democratic counterparts to create a National Popular Vote.

NationalPopularVote.com has an easy e-mail writing tool for people in any state.  http://www.nationalpopularvote.com/... Please contact your state legislators.

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