As has been mentioned in many diaries, a subcommittee of the Virginia State Senate voted to change the manner in which electoral votes are counted.   Applied to 2012, it would have given Romney 9 electoral votes and Obama 4, even though Obama won the state by 4%.    The State Senate is split 20-20.   It is not known how the tie-breaking Lt. Governor Bolling feels about it.  One Republican on the subcommittee abstained.

But just now, TPM reports

Virginia State Sen. Ralph Smith (R) has come out against a proposal to apportion electoral votes in the state by Congressional district, warning it could set off a chain reaction of similar schemes around the country. Smith sits on the closely divided Privileges and Elections Committee that is examining the bill, meaning his opposition likely ensures the proposal doesn't reach the floor for a vote.

“What if all states got to skewering it to their advantage?" Smith told the Roanoke Times in explaining his decision. He added that he would only consider a shift in Virginia's electoral vote rules "if every state does it that way."

That means the supporters of this scheme have at most 19 votes, and probably fewer

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