Did anyone notice that Jan Brewer has accepted expanded Medicaid for Arizona?  Why would she do this and not join the other hardcore refusenik governors like Rick Perry of Texas and Mary Fallin of Oklahoma?  Here is a blog article explaining the situation and here is more from the Washington Post.  After the jump I'll summarize.

Due to a "quirk" in the original ACA, states that reject Medicaid expansion would still be required to provide expanded Medicaid benefits, at the state's expense, to legal immigrants but not to the state's citizens.  The federal government plans to pay 100% of the cost of expanded Medicaid for the first few years, eventually shifting to 90% of the cost.  However, governors who reject expanded Medicaid will be forced to explain to their constituents not only why they are paying taxes for benefits they aren't receiving because they happen to live in a super-red state, but that their legal immigrant neighbors will still receive the benefits!
This has already proven to be too much for even immigrant-bashing liar Jan Brewer to bear.  What are the other 10 governors going to do?

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