Hi again, and Happy Friday!

The health costs -- and possible benefits -- of drinking are much debated, and the good people at Weekly Pint are reporting

results of recent medical tests in Japan show that ingesting large amounts of humulone, the key ingredient in hops (which give beer aroma and bitterness), might help fend off a form of seasonal sickness in adults, specifically “RS”, or Respiratory Syncytial virus
Guinness was forced to give up the "it's good for you" advertising years ago; but were they wrong?

Personally, for wintertime respiratory discomfort I recommend hot toddy. Or you might try flip, a beer-based hot drink popular in colonial America.

For some entertainment with your beer I offer these "news of the weird" items:

Naked woman arrested after driving car into fiance (not funny for either of them I admit)

Bizarre blotter: Lots of nude people, some drunk people and a goat (featuring a different woman driving naked)

Every Super Bowl prop bet you can think of. Who cares which team wins or even if they show up? If what you really care about is betting on stuff, this is your chance. Will Alicia Keys remember the words to the National Anthem? What will Beyonce be wearing for the halftime performance, and what will her hair look like? There's an over/under on peak tweets per second.

Share any beer news you've heard.

I've got Trader Joe's Mission Street IPA, and SN Celebration. What are you drinking?

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