The Republican plan to rig the Electoral College has been well documented here over the last weeks.

But on Friday,  this important issue received national attention in the evening news on NBC so I thought it was important to disseminate.

Republicans hope to reinvent electoral vote
The way we elect the president is being challenged in key states by Republicans who want to award electoral votes by congressional district instead of a winner-take-all to the candidate who carries the state. Had this process been in place during the 2012 election, Mitt Romney would have won. NBC’s Andrea Mitchell reports.

Instead of Obama winning 332 to 206 the electoral map would have gone from blue to red with Romney winning by 273 over Obama's 262 by some estimates.
(Notice with all their gerrymandering and machinations and PAC money, the GOP can still only pull out an 11 vote win). 

They don't present it as any wrongdoing on the part of Republicans and even mentioned that some in the party are not on board with the plan. But it does bring needed attention to the issue - Americans already favor dismantling the Electoral College so knowledge of the attempts to rig votes in this way could accelerate that desire.

Hysterically, Mitchell ends with quotes from Bobby Jindal's exhortations to fellow Republicans to stop being the stupid party, and suggests "it's more important what the GOP says then how they count votes".

Watch the video:

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