Dear Friends,

     My friend, Craig Dunbar, needs a kidney. His fistula, which is the port through whoch he receives his dialysis, is failing. Without a new kidney he will die. He lives here in Ottawa. He is a firefighter who has saved lives. Now he needs US to save his life. I will be writing other diaries about his fight, but today, I need YOUR help.

     We are doing a Twitter trending campaign. If you have Twitter, please, please, please, at 5pm Eastern, Tweet the link to his facebook page
 which has more information about his fight using the hashtag : #kidney4craig

     Also, Don Cherry, those of you in Canada will know that name, has a son who has received a kidney transplant. We are trying to get him to mention Craig's fight on tonight's Coach's Corner. Please tweet the link to Craig's facebook page to: @coachscornerCBC
     Getting Craig's mentioned on CBC on Coach's Corner would bring his fight to the attention of millions of Canadians.

     Please, if you have the ability to donate, get tested. I will have much more information in the next diary I do on Craig and his fight.

     Many of you know that my husband, Dan, died while on dialysis, so this fight is very personal for me. I couldn't save Dan's life, but together we CAN save Craig's. Please help, in any way you can.

     Bless you and thank you

     Love and Hugs,

Information on finding out about donating a kidney to Craig:

The Red Cross should be able to test your blood type for free, if you don't have a doctor. I will be contacting Ms. Rada on Monday to ask about the issues of Americans donating to Canadians. Hugs, H


If You Would Like to Get Tested to See if You Can Donate your Kidney
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Thank you!

First step: Obtain your blood type from your doctor.

Then: Please contact the Ottawa Hospital living donor coordinator, Mary Rada.

Her phone number is 613-738-8400 ext. 82778 and her email address is mrada@toh.on.ca.

If you are not a blood-type match for Craig but would still like to donate a kidney there is a way do so and get Craig a kidney through participating in the Living Donor Paired Exchange (LDPE) registry. Mary Rada (613-738-8400 ext. 82778, mrada@toh.on.ca) is also the contact for LDPE.

Paired exchange, at its simplest, is a program that registers incompatible pairs into a database with other incompatible donor/recipient pairs to hopefully create an opportunity for two recipients to receive kidneys from each other’s living donor. Read more here:


Thank you again!

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