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Hey evraybody. I missed you guys. I missed the Great Orange Satan. I missed the Internet.

When I got to my mom's, an eon ago it seems, I knew only that she couldn't go on the way she's been, alone and refusing to either move closer to her children or let us hire assistance, but I couldn't see a path to get her the heck out of there. I took her to see her doctor for results of extensive neurological tests that I'd taken her to last time I was there. Long story short: at least one stroke previously unrecognized, the onset of vascular dementia, and her doctor telling me I had to bite the bullet. So Bite the Bullet has become my mantra and Impaired Judgment my reminder. Many phone calls with sibs and endless errands later, Saturday I bundled her into my rental car and drove back to the Bay Area where she's now ensconced with my sister, who swears she will not cave in and return ma to Southern California. Next we have to get her moved into an assisted living joint. We found one I like but my sister has to go along. It's all very tricky. And I'm so far behind in the rest of my obligations that I am a nervous wreck trying to figure out what to do first.

Deep breath.

On with the show! Tonight's scheduled guests are Kathy Griffin and Michael Weatherly. Here is Kathy Griffin's website. I caught a clip of her pretending to give Anderson Cooper a blow job on NY Eve. What a cute couple. Weatherly is on NCIS, one of those crime investigation shows that all seem the same after a while.

Last Friday was a rerun so instead here's a video my daughter just sent me. She knows I like this guy from The Mighty Boosh; this is his new show I gather. I don't know why I think he's so cute and funny. If you've never caught Boosh I highly recommend; I think the DVDs are available from Netflix or whatever.

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