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On Sunday a petition calling for the execution of President Obama for treason was filed, then removed from petitions.whitehouse.gov.

The petition--which as of Sunday night could still be viewed on YouTube--claimed in part that President Obama had committed treason by providing weapons to drug cartels as well as to the Muslim Brotherhood in Benghazi. It said that in Egypt Obama had supplied the Muslim Brotherhood with tanks and F-16s "to undermine our ally Israel and jeopardize there [sic] safety."

*second version of youtube video after first removed

Petition has been removed for violation of Terms of Service
Opponents of President Obama are getting more hysterical and less informed with each passing week.  One reason is the work of such right wing firebrands as radio host Rush Limbaugh, who espouses crazy conspiracy theories on things like Benghazi five days a week to an audience of millions and millions.  

Recently Limbaugh suggested that abortions should be performed with a gun.  Although Limbaugh would probably claim some sort of sophisticated double sarcasm tongue in cheek irony was behind what sounded like a call to violence against women who have abortions, are his fans intelligent enough to discern it?  

Want to do something to push back against right wing misinformation that threatens our nation?  There is a successful movement underway to convince Rush Limbaugh's sponsors that it's unethical for them to legitimize his hate by funding his program.  You can lend your voice to the StopRush movement in the following places:

Join:  The Flush Rush Facebook community
Visit:  The StopRush sponsor database
Tweet:  #stoprush Twitter campaign

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