Seriously, the french fry has killed more people in America than all gun related deaths combined. Gun control is a smoke screen used by the few to sway the many. It is an emotional subject, but guns are not the problem. A gun is a piece of equipment, just like your car. How many deaths have there been where a deranged, drunk or mentally unstable person
Someone from my faithful claque in a local internet duel.

Killer French Fries...

A well regulated French Fry being necessary to the security of a free and hungry nation, the right of the people to grab and dip in catsup shall not be infringed.
Alas, I have a lust for French fries which I dare not indulge very often. Ergo, it must be a well-regulated French fry, the French fry must be regulated in frequency of consumption. Best is indulging once a year but that's impossible.

But, a Killer French Fry. Dusted with garlic and cumin? Possibly some paprika with a bit of bite? Oven-roasted to cut the fat content? But rolled in peanut oil?

The dip? Would Worcester sauce in catsup serve, with a touch of malt vinegar or lemon, some oyster sauce, some more hot in the form of sauced Scotch bonnets or habanero?

Other more exotic possibilities? The mind boggles!

And, a big thank you to Geek Girls every where for your support in internet duels!

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