Full disclosure - I never read one TTFN diary.  This has been for 3 reasons

1. I first heard this abbreviation from a horrible '80's flick called Witchboard.  Sorry, it had Tawny Kitaen in it - and that's all that mattered to a 13 year old who watched too much MTV back then.  Aside of that, the movie flat out sucked.

2. I never cared for people leaving.  There's something like 500K users here.  I don't follow diarists, though I read the site and Recommended diaries daily. Why is it so damn important for people to make grand announcements that they're leaving?

3. Who the fuck says, "Ta ta for now?" Who the hell even says, "Ta ta?" It's just a really stupid abbreviation.

Seriously, who cares?  Just go already. I get the fact that things come up in life.  I also get the fact that you can have serious disagreements with many people here. But really, so fucking what? Are you that connected to a website, a WEBSITE that you have to make a grand announcement about your departure?

It's a silly attention-getter, and it's old.  And now I see diaries popping up about defending TTFN diaries. Jesus, really?  I'm glad Kos has set a ban on them. I'm tired of seeing them as well. We've got serious issues to discuss, this can't possibly be one of them is it?


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