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Much has been written about the MLK surprise put on the State Senate Dems in VA.  But recent developments have me a bit optimistic that things might come out well for team blue.  Follow below the orange Dungeon Master.

“I came in with a mission,” he said. “Anything that gets us off that is unacceptable.”

That was a quote from VA Gov Bob McDonnell on his local radio show on WTOP and so far he has kept to his word on this unlike other things.  The GOP have such a lock on things in this state that if the State House wants to move this it can get done without much fanfare.  Here is my take on this:
1. Gov. McDonnell and State House Speaker William Howell was actually kept out of the loop on this from his statements regarding to this.  He is termed limited so he has not heft left.  Its not like other governors who may have good numbers which he does and will be on top of the ticket for a reelection campaign.  You don't want to get in the way of them.

2.  Transportation has been our albatross.   This issue has been on the books of previous governors in Virginia and most have not been able to deal with this.  McDonnell wants to get t his done as his legacy and as he mentioned above, this takes away from his message.

3. The House has passed it bye.  This is a technical procedure for the State House to move a bill to be considered to another day.  They have done this for four plus days.  As stated  before they have the votes without breaking a sweat, they know this does not play well so they don't want to make things worse.

4.  Have they recovered from the transvaginal probe fun?  Do they want to add more to this then needed?  

5.  The NOVA wall.  As the 2012 election showed, if the votes come out the Dems win.  Obama's total out of NOVA was about 99k, his total win in VA was 105k.  I think the GOP knows that NOVA is going blue and with that the state.   If you look at the redistricting, the biggest effect was in NOVA where a lot of NOVA Dems were torched.  The GOP sees the demographic timebomb coming and are trying to hold it off.  Putting this through might add more to the fire.

Well that is my take, look forward to comments below

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