Earlier I posted a diary suggesting that the hecklers of Sandy Hook victim father Neil Heslin were taken out of context. I was savaged.

Here is the relevant video, in context. Compare it to the video that has been circulated by the media along with their reports of heckling.

Context matters, folks. I'm not entirely excusing the outbursts. I'm not saying they had a particularly good point to make. I'm saying they were invited to respond. Yet they didn't, initially. They kept silent even as Mr. Heslin looked around and waited for a response. They showed restraint. They were polite. They only responded after Mr. Heslin used their silence to prove his point: that they were not capable of an answer. He put them on the defensive and they felt compelled to respond. There was nothing malicious or cunning about Mr. Heslin's testimony, but he does bear some responsibility. He invited the people in the room to respond. That is something entirely different than what has been reported and what we've been going crazy about on this site.

The hecklers were not harassing Mr. Heslin. They were correcting the record. Yeah, it still wasn't cool, but it wasn't the crime of the fucking century, either.


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