Shame mockery and ridicule are potent weapons and have their place in society and in the contest of ideas, values and philosophy.  There are certain ideas and concepts, values and philosophies that must be shunned, as must the people and groups that support, promote and espouse them. We as a society, as a culture, as a group identity determine what those things are.   When a contest of ideas and debate of those ideas passes a certain point, where one side is no longer grounded in reality, or is so extreme in its position that meaningful debate is no longer possible, then mockery and ridicule become the most effective method of response.  This is especially true when there is a real, tangible threat being imposed by said ideas.  Those ideas, concepts and values must be shunned, they must be driven into hiding.  Human nature compels those ideas to exist.  Human decency and compassion compels us to shun them.

The gun debate has reached this point.  One could probably make a decent argument that the GOP as a whole has reached this point, but I digress.  No decent human can honestly oppose reform of the current, broken system.  No honest person can claim guns have no role in the problem.  No honest, decent person can stand in the way of at least the attempt to change things for the better.

Those of you opposing reforms must know that your pathetic defense of status quo is not only insulting and debased, it’s dangerous.  And it will no longer be tolerated.  

You try to bog us down with misdirection and minutiae.  You are the Minutiaemen of your “movement” and you are no longer worthy of serious consideration and no longer maintain any shred of credibility. You consider nothing worthy of discussion that involves anything that may inconvenience your easy, unfettered access to a clear public health hazard.  You not only obfuscate and deflect, you go so far as to threaten violence and terrorize us with dire consequences of murder, insurrection and civil war if we even try to make things better.  

If you behave in this manner, or support this behavior by your silence in opposing it and/or your defense of the status quo, if you do this, then I believe you only worthy of contempt, mockery and ridicule.

I could choose to ignore you but I don't because your ideas, your philosophy, your values are dangerous and compel a response. But I will not debase myself by stooping to your level.  I will not fight you with arms.  It's not necessary.  My method is more effective.  I will fight you on my terms.  With derision.  You're ideas have no merit.  They are empty and circular and thoroughly corrupted with ulterior motive, greed and selfishness.  My best weapon against your deliberate obfuscations, lies and distortions is the mockery you so richly deserve.

You and your ilk need to be shamed.  We can never rid humanity of the corruptions that are the basis for your ideas, values and philosophies.  But we can shun them, and push them back to the dark  corners, out of sight where they are less likely to wreak their havoc.

And so mock and ridicule you I shall.

Will all you decent folk join me?

Originally posted to Beetwasher on Tue Jan 29, 2013 at 07:08 PM PST.

Also republished by Shut Down the NRA.

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