There is no way that Jim Nabors could have done this in his home state of Alabama.

The man beloved by millions for his portrayal of Gomer Pyle comes from Sylacauga, Alabama, a state which has previously voted overwhelmingly that marriage can exist only between a man and a woman.

But fortunately there are still states where intolerance has not won the day. And Nabors, 82, was able to marry his longtme partner Stan Cadwallader, 64, on Jan. 15 in Seattle.

"I'm 82 and he's in his 60s and so we've been together for 38 years and I'm not ashamed of people knowing, it's just that it was such a personal thing, I didn't tell anybody," Nabors said. "I'm very happy that I've had a partner of 38 years and I feel very blessed.  And, what can I tell you, I'm just very happy."

Nabors said he and Cadwallader traveled to Washington state, where gay marriages became legal in early December 2012. They were married at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel in Seattle.

What can you say to that besides, "Well, Golllllllleeeeeeeee. Surprise, surprise, surprise."

And congratulations!

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