I'm feeling good this morning.

I'll make this quick,
since I need to get to bed soon,
to get enough sleep,
and get up in time to get to work,
at 2 PM,
at the Walmart store where I work.

Let's talk more below the squiggly,
about the table I repaired,
and other things,
things not as simple to repair.

My wife and I are living a makeshift life,
with makeshift furniture,
in an added on room.

If you visit us,
and we let you in the front door of our house,
we would lead you through the living room,
into the kitchen,
out the kitchen's back door,
step down into the garage,
that's now a bedroom,
you see the water heater on your right,
and you turn right,
passing the water heater,
and you head out the garage's back door,
and you step down again,
into our room,
the home of bigjac and bigton.

Our room is 12' by 14',
with a nine foot high ceiling,
a ceiling we just installed,
with attic insulation first,
and drywall to hold it up.

Before we installed our insulated ceiling,
earlier this January month,
our space heaters couldn't keep us warm;
now we can turn them off,
when we get too hot.

The floor space of our room
is filled with mainly four things:
our king sized bed,
bigton's double deck dresser
that serves as a TV stand
for our 42" TV,
the real wood kitchen table with sawed off, shortened legs,
that I'm now sitting at,
that serves as my computer table,
and the fourth item that takes up a lot of floor space
is a five foot folding table,
30" by 60".

The table is the old style,
made of particle board,
covered with a walnut grain looking laminate,
a thin plastic or maybe paper,
that peels off in places;
the edge of the table top has a rubbery plastic bumper,
there's a metal apron,
screwed under the table,
about two inches tall,
that is intended to support the particle board,
to prevent sagging and breaking in the middle of the table,
under a lot of weight.

I leaned on the table,
I put a lot of weight on it,
when I was putting up the insulation and drywall,
in the ceiling.

The metal apron popped loose;
the middle of the table sagged.

A few hours ago,
I took everything off the table,
I took it out to the back porch,
and I added two 2" x 4" boards as extra aprons,
mounting the boards just outside the metal apron,
attaching them to the table by way of several
3" long screws,
run through drilled holes,
through the table top,
down into the boards.

The manufacturer should have attached the metal apron in this way,
using carriage bolts,
which would leave metal bolt heads on the table top,
but the table would be durable,
rather than not.


Now I feel better.

I fixed our table.

I put the microwave oven
and the coffee pot
back on the table,
and heated up some leftover chicken and rice,
and added six slices of cheese,
to make it more filling.

For bigton,
I cooked her usual,
ramen noodles,
with eight slices of cheese.

The table is solid,
and will be usable
for years to come.

It's a big world,
and we blog about the whole world,
here at Daily Kos.

It's good to blog about big things,
things that will not be fixed
anytime soon:

gun control,
climate change,

And it's good to blog about serious illness,
to feel the emotional support
from the community we have here.

I used The Grieving Room
as my only grief support group,
between the death of my first wife, Pam,
and the dramatic rescue,
when Tonia,
rescued me from fear,
and married me,
more than a year ago.

But sometimes,
it feels good
to savor a simple thing:

With a cordless drill,
and some three inch long screws,
and two boards,
I fixed our table.

It feels good.

Thanks for reading.

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