This is United States Senator Lamar Alexander, Republican of Tennessee, making the case that guns video games are "a bigger problem than guns" because unlike guns, "video games affect people."

"Whatever you do, please do not play Angry Birds"
CHUCK TODD (MSNBC): Can you envision a way of supporting the universal background checks bill?

LAMAR ALEXANDER: Chuck, I'm going to wait and see on all of these bills. I think video games is [sic] a bigger problem than guns, because video games affect people. But the First Amendment limits what we can do about video games and the Second Amendment to the Constitution limits what we can do about guns.

To repeat, those words came from the lips of a United States Senator. A Republican United States Senator, to be precise. Supposedly, he's one of the brightest bulbs in the Senate Republican conference. The first President Bush thought he was so smart that he appointed him to be Secretary of Education for the entire nation. And yet despite (or perhaps because of) these illustrious credentials, Lamar Alexander babbles forth this nonsense without the slightest hint of embarrassment or self-doubt.

I don't care what you think think we need to do about improving gun control, you at least have to admit this: the opponents of gun control routinely say the stupidest things on Earth.

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