From FLAW, late last night:

Confirmed by our friends at cootchwatch: OUTRAGEOUS: The Senate Education and Health Committee just met for a total of 25 minutes (at a time they never meet, in a room they never use) to defeat SB 1332, the final pro-choice bill in the Virginia Senate. SB 1332, which would make VA's mandatory ultrasound requirement optional, was heard with no testimony from experts (some who had traveled hours to be there) and went to a vote before all of the Democrats could even get in the room.

This is beyond belief. If you are as angry as we are, please call Chairman Martin ((804) 698-7511, district11@senate.virginia.gov) and ask him why he held a sneaky meeting, why he did not allow testimony, and why he obviously has next to no regard for the women of Virginia. Please share -- let's flood the phone lines.

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9:19 AM PT: I called and spoke with Brenda, in Senator Martin's office. She was quite civil, although dismissive.

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