Republicans are house cats. They crouch behind the shower curtain all stealthy. But their tail is showing. We know they are up to something. Republican leaders are disoriented. Used to be they could say all kinds of crazy things in private to their supporters and it was their little secret. Then along came the Fox News Network. Liberals love to attack Fox for their lies, their exaggerations, their obsessions, their delusions and their propaganda. But Fox, more than any other source, has exposed the tail of the cat behind the shower curtain. Because they only listen to themselves they feel free to shout to the rooftops things that were once only whispered. In their self-satisfied way they believe that when the “truth” goes out hearts and minds change. The reality is that the more the public hears from the right the crazier they sound. So we should praise Fox News and their minions. They spotlight the Republican twitching tail.

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