This thought bubble appeared over Wayne's pointy head while Gabrielle Giffords read her testimony in support of Gun Control today:  
Listen Babe, just because you got half your head shot off by a crazed lunatic in front of a grocery store on a sunny Saturday, don't think for a second that me and my boys and girls at the NRA are going to feel sorry for you and do anything effective about gun control.  Remember James Brady?  He's got a hole in his head too, and can't walk or speak, and he's been trying to get something substantial done for decades.  We just keep winning because guns don't kill people, etc.  Give it up, Babe.  We're too big and powerful and rich (especially from those machine guns and high capacity clips all those 'hunters' (wink, wink) can't buy enough of).  It doesn't matter how many innocent children die.  We don't feel or care about your pain.  Shit happens, Dollface.  We only care about our convoluted interpretation of the second amendment which allows me and my friends to make a killing (no pun intended) off of gun and ammunition sales.

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