Wow - is this inspiring or what?

"I had no money, just a pair of diamond earrings," said Zaveri, whose parents had arranged her marriage. "I sold it, got myself tickets on British Airways and landed in Boston."

There, she took various jobs as a maid for elderly homeowners.  One employer was impressed enough to give Zaveri a huge gift: $30,000 to go to Harvard, where she completed the two units necessary to pursue a master’s degree.

Next, she headed to the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) to begin biochemistry research under visiting professor Linus Pauling, a Nobel Prize-winning chemist.

She dreamed of working in his lab, but the professor didn't have much available.

"I will clean the petri dishes," she told Pauling.  "I would just be happy to be around you."

Right away, Pauling noted Zaveri's keen sense of observation and put her to work developing peptides, the Telegraph reported. The first one she made, which improves collagen in the skin, became an instant best-seller.

Today, Los Angeles-based skin care company Actiogen, which she founded, its website states, anticipates a $100 million turnover from their latest product. Some of the profit will fund continued research.

A self-made - probably multi-millionaire.  A hopeful entrepreneur and creator who begged to start by cleaning petri dishes.  Because she knew what she was capable of.  She reminds me of Howard Roarke of The Fountainhead.

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