I thought I'd share a wingnut email response apparently from one of the businesses that we contacted.  This was sent out from multiple fake email accounts.  Notice the irony that this writer sent the same exact email out several times but says "Since each of you has sent almost the exact same email, obviously you are blindly following someones instructions.  Talk about lemmings."  And by the way, we all signed our emails, but this person didn't even have the courage to do that.

Dear non-KFMB listeners,

I can't help but wonder if you are aware that this is a free country and that not everyone is required to share your point of view.  You don't have to agree but you have no right to try to force YOUR opinions on others who may not share it.  This is what I despise about people like you.   Not your specific point of view (I may even share it), but that you feel compelled to try to force it down everyone elses throat.  Anyone with a different opinion is evil and therefore must be converted.

In this country we are all free to have our own opinion.
Since each of you has sent almost the exact same email, obviously you are blindly following someones instructions.  Talk about lemmings.

Here's a newsflash for you.This is the UNITED STATES where people have the FREEDOM to have their own opinions.   Roger Hedgcock has a right to his opinions just as you have a right to YOURS.  You do not have to like them or agree, but he is entitled to his as much as you are to yours.   And guess what?  A host is not on the air because companies advertise.  Companies advertise where people are listening.  You have it backwards.

The beautiful thing is that there are many radio stations for you to listen to.  In this country we are not all required to have the same opinion or say the same thing.  If you do not like what someone has to say on one station then turn it off! Turn the dial and listen to someone you agree with.  How simple is that.  You have a choice.  

Why do you feel you must force YOUR point of view down other peoples throats.

If you don't like this station then there is plenty of competition.  Go listen to them. Support their sponsors.  KFMB has a highly educated listener base who knows how to form their very own opinions.  

I hope that all of the recipients of your spam will copy and past this exact same email and send it right back to each of you so you too can share the experience recieving multiple spam emails with exactly the same content.

I also hope whoever thinks this is such a clever idea will rethink the wisdom of trying to get private citizens to become spammers.  Beware as the spammers become the spammed.


An Annoyed Business Owner. (who will probably increase our budget for Roger Hegcock advertising)

Your Email has been sent.