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"I think that our opponents' hope [has changed]," Keene said. "They hope that they can use emotion to achieve an anti-firearms agenda that they haven't been able to achieve in the past. But my suspicion ... [is that] people are smarter than politicians and that common sense ultimately prevails. I am convinced that as these things are discussed, that we're going to come out about where we have come out in the past."

This statement from David Keene, President of the NRA. to hell with this asshole. sorry, David, but emotion will win the day in this debate because you are defending the rights of someone WHO MURDERED 20 CHILDREN.

There is no other argument necessary. Either you support the idea that Newtown is collateral damage in your selfish desire to own every weapon you want including ones that can shoot 30 rounds at humans and destroy them.

Emotion does matter. These deaths MATTER. If you really believe they don't then just fucking say that. I know people who don't have the luxury of looking at this event from a distance.

You can't talk your way out of every situation just because you think your desperation is justified. Those on the side of Adam Lanza (that's right. if you support the continuation of the current gun measures without any change you are on the side of the murderer) believe they're argument is just. It's so far from the morally correct thing to do here that you have to be delusional not to see that.

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