Hello All of you seeking honor and renown.  I just read Hunter's article on the NRA's Enemies List.  So I thinks to myself, thinks I, "Could it be possible for lil' ol' me to get such an honor? Could little ol' me, just a regular schmuck, get on that blue ribbony, all feel goody as a real American could, honor roll of level headedness?  I hope so and you could too.  Why don't 100,000 of us try to make the honor roll? Just to see who is on the list is an indictment of the NRA and all they stand for.

Below the Squiggly Powderhorn of Fate is the way to fame.

I called the NRA Membership number.  First call, when I didn't give a membership number, I was hanged up on.  Second call, I gave all the info they asked for and when I said I wanted to be on the enemies list, I was transferred to the main orofice, er... office.  both call takers were very polite. I asked to be put on the enemies list, but the mand said I had to earn that honor. How, I asked does one earn such a thing?  He said by voting against the NRA's issuses.  Vote I do, I said. Frequently and always against the positions that the NRA takes.  I also donate to anti NRA causes.  Good enough, says he.  So he takes my name and address and said he would do what he could to get my name on that hallowed patch of silicon that is the NRA ENEMIES LIST.  You can do it too.  I cut and pasted this letter into the contact us comments section of their web site.

What if 100,000 or even 2 million people asked to join such a list?  It would be such a good thing in so many ways.  I own guns, and I even shoot them once in a while.  But I would much rather be on the NRA enemies list than on the Friends of Carlotta list.

My letter went something like this:

Dear NRA,

This note is to follow-up on the call I made today to your membership telephone number requesting that I be placed on your Enemies List.  Your Enemies List was recently published in the Kansas City Star and the Blog With Leather Along with such noteables as the American Academy of Pediatrics, the National Association of Police Organizations, the American Association for the Surgury of Trauma and the Lamar Advertising Company, I too  aspire to be listed as an Enemy of the NRA, I mean who wouldn't want to be an enemy of an organization that exploits the murder of schoolchildren to promote its membership, and lobbying efforts and promote gun sales of it's major sponsors, the gun manufacturers?  Please count me in.  

I am a member of the ACLU, the International Association of Firefighters, and as a firefighter, I more than once have been involved, and my fellow firefighters have been involved in incidents where guns, the presence of guns and gun users have threatened our workplace safety.  I regulary vote for politicians that score as low as they can on your legislative scale.  I donate money to Barack Obama, for crying out loud. I donate money to many organizations on your list and buy from corporations on your list.  And to top off my campaign to get on your enemies list, I am setting a goal of recruiting 100,000 more individuals to request a place on your Enemies List of honor.  I will be posting this on Facebook and Daily Kos, your greatest enemy, well next to yourselves, for regulary sticking your foot in your corporate mouth, and defending policies that like me, the vast majority of Americans oppose.  I would love confirmation of my addition to your list.

Thank you,

Find your own links.  If someone wants to link to them in the comments section that's OK, but I didn't want to do it. I might suggest the sports blog "with leather" and look for an article referring to Doug Flutie written by Brandon Stroud.   He has a link there.  I couldn't find it on the NRA site.  I think they might have taken it down.

Consider this just a template for your request to be placed on this list of honor. Lets get this going.  100,000 people on this best of lists, ever.  Just to see who is on the list is an indictment of the NRA and all they stand for.

Mikel Borg

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