Eliana Johnson, editor of rightwinged blog, National Reveiw, wrote today that Nazism was not "senseless and that "25 NONsenseless points include ... NO Jew can be a member of the race"

     In her article, Eliana wrote in support of Nazism:

Nazism may have been an ideology to which the United States was — and to which the president is — implacably opposed, but it is hardly “senseless.” By the early 1930s, the Nazi party had hundreds of thousands of devoted members and repeatedly attracted a third of the votes in German elections; its political leaders campaigned on a platform comprising 25 non-senseless points, including the “unification of all Germans,” a demand for “land and territory for the sustenance of our people,” and an assertion that “no Jew can be a member of the race.” Suffice it to say, many sensible Germans were persuaded.

~GOP Eliana Johnson, Published in National Review Blog

Wow!  Just fricken wow!

      The Anti-Semite comment should be condemned by the left and the right.
"25 non-senseless points, including ... an assertion that NO Jew can be a member of the race.”

      Definition: Anti-Semite: a person who persecutes or discriminates against Jews

      When Eliana Johnson wrote that "NO Jew can be a member of the race" was a sensible ("non-senseless") Nazi Platform she was clearly discriminating against Jews and highlighting her own Anti-Semitic views.

      If you read her entire article, she is condemning President Obama for calling the Holocaust a "senseless violence"  and at the same time, she accidentally revealed her Anti-Semitic views - which I find completely disgusting.

      In my opinion, Eliana Johnson has accidentally revealed the true "nazi" (aka white supremacy) colors of the far rightwingers in the Republican party.


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