Even after the shock of losing an election that they clearly thought they were going to win, Republicans are still pushing the spin of any news, good or bad, as good news for Republicans and bad news for Obama.

Take this hilarious post on RedState: White House job council closes as unemployment rate increases.

First, the title is outright false: Obama decided to close the council the day before the news of the unemployment. Even if you criticize the decision, you should do so honestly.

The article summarizes the Jobs report:

The economy contracted last quarter; unemployment rose a tick to 7.9%; and consumer confidence is now paying rent for the toilet that it’s been in for pretty much Obama’s entire term*. We are looking at another recession at this rate, and we did not actually really recover from the last recession.
Forgetting for the moment that the reason the economy contracted was due to spending cuts, and that even the link the author posts shows a RISE in consumer confidence in January... notice that none of the GOOD news was included.

We created a net 157k jobs last month, we created 2.1 million jobs in the past year, higher than any year except one in Bush's 8  years. We created about 180k jobs a month last year, etc. etc.

I wouldn't say we are exactly where we want to be, and there is surely a lot of work left to be done, but we are fair-minded enough to look at the whole picture.

But these conservative fools don't, so you end up with confused comments like this:

On MSN homepage: Dow crosses 14,000 on jobs rally
How can this be?????
This person read the MSN headline, but if she really wanted to know the answer, she could have just read the article, which would have shown what I posted. But she doesn't want the real answer, she wants the answer that makes her feel safe, so she posted her fears here, with five question marks to show the urgency of her distress.

And right on que, someone has the answer. It can't be because the markets thought there was good news in the report, because socialism doesn't work, so there must be some other sinister reason:

Good contribution Mr. Lane...and I might add...that it is my suspicion that the Fed is "feeding" the stock market to give us a false feeling of security.
And so the conspiracy theories and insanity continues.

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