Progressive hero, Senator Sherrod Brown (D. OH), is fundraising money for fellow Progressive Democrat, Ed Markey (D. MA), in the 2013 special election to replace outgoing Senator, Secretary of State John Kerry (D. MA).  Markey is up against Conservative Democrat, Stephen Lynch, in the primary:
The last election was a huge clash of ideas -- and progressives won.

But the next big showdown is already upon us. It’s happening in Massachusetts, where a great progressive champion named Ed Markey has stepped up to run in a special election for the seat long held by my friend John Kerry.

Help me help Ed’s campaign get off to the right start. He needs to raise $500,000 in February. Can you contribute $10?


I can’t think of a better ally to have in the Senate. Ed’s spent his life standing up for working families. He’s proudly pro-choice, pro-equality, and pro-consumer (one of Congress’s biggest net neutrality supporters).

But in a special election, anything can happen -- and, in this one, it could happen at any moment. Election Day is just four and a half months away. And with national Republicans planning to use this as an opportunity to reverse the momentum we gained in 2012, we can’t leave anything to chance.

Congressman Ed Markey (D-MA) speaks out against the US-India Nuclear agreement at a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington June 22, 2006. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts (UNITED STATES)
Ed’s ready to run the kind of aggressive campaign that can win this critical special election. But he needs our help. Will you contribute $10 or more toward his $500,000 grassroots goal?


The next big showdown is here. Let’s go help a great progressive win it.

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