These guns in America have me on edge. It's a good thing we can outlaw stuff. Some people have security blankets. Some people have stuffed animals. I have a direct line (via email!!) to my Congressperson.

I feel safe with her proposing a ban. "Safe" you might ask "Safe from what?"

Don't you know what I'm being kept safe from?


I fear that guy shooting competition down the road with his rifle will come and shoot me.

This could happen at any moment. He's never shot anyone before and he's not even broken the law to my knowledge but because he has a gun HE WILL TURN AND START KILLING PEOPLE. I NEED TO BE SAFE FROM HIM AND A GUN BAN WILL DO IT!!

I fear that the concealed carry people will just snap and start shooting!!

This could also happen at any moment! All those people who went through the permitting process and the training could just get REALLY REALLY angry and start shooting! They haven't shot anyone *YET*!!! That doesn't mean they won't at some point!!

I fear that the criminals who can shoot me with their illegal guns can shoot me HARDER with their illegalier guns!

If we ban the guns, I won't get shot with those guns which are banned. Because criminals won't be able to get a banned gun since the gun is illegal!

h/t to Bob Johnson.

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