Boston Herald "staff" are so angry at Scott Brown's late ducking out (of the special election to replace John Kerry in Senate) that they admit John McCain's disgusting un-Senatorial game-playing on Secretary of State appointments (see bolded -- by me -- text below):

Declining to run would have been perfectly acceptable for Brown 60 or even 30 days ago, but by waiting until now he puts our candidate at a huge disadvantage.

What about all the people who stood out in the cold and rain, made thousands of calls and gave up their weekends to knock on thousands of doors? What about the party that has given millions of dollars?  What about U.S. Sen. John McCain, who helped orchestrate Anchors-Aweigh John Kerry’s appointment as secretary of state? (Source:  http://bostonherald.com/...)

If Brown intends to run for Governor, then his ducking the Senate special election appears to have been a miscalculation, if the following conclusion of this Herald article is any indication of sentiment among Republican primary voters:
As always, if Brown was to somehow make it through a 2014 gubernatorial primary battle with Charlie Baker — who now has solid grassroots support across the state and has far better fiscal conservative credentials — then the party, including myself, would support the nominee. But …

7:40 AM PT: Herald Article also said:

on Friday he lost party loyalists by duping Republican State Committee members to vote for his candidate for chairman, Kirsten Hughes ... you cannot hurt the party with a divisive chairman’s fight and then bail the next day, undermining our chances of capturing a U.S. Senate seat that has not been open in 28 years.

It appears that Brown has not only hurt his own chances for the governorship, but has also left the State Republican Party weaker than he found it.

Hopefully this means Massachusetts Democrats will be so dominant that they can export more contributions and campaign workers to other states.

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