Red State's has come to the realization that the Tea party has got some BIG problems going forward.

Rebrand. Retool. Recruit. Re-engage.

By: LaborUnionReport

Yet, it was also a disappointment because, after nearly four years of this upstart movement—this “beautiful chaos” called the Tea Party Movement—after all the demonization by the institutional Left and its media apparatchik; he backstabbing by the Republican establishment; after millions of dollars of donations from large and small donors alike, last Monday’s group (like so many others) were largely unaware of the size of the behemoth we face and, worse, have never been given the basic tools necessary to lead a movement.

Of course the Tea Party was structured to be Led by folks like the Koch brothers, Dick Armey and Richard Stephenson, not to create new leaders from the rank and file.
The Tea Party brand has been effectively destroyed. After three years of demonizing the Tea Party as ‘racist,’ ‘extremist,’ and ‘radical,’ the brand has become a cancer.

The Tea Party branded itself with its own doctrinaire extremist positions and its rigid inflexibility.  

It is now a drag on the candidates it supports, with the Left (and GOP establishment types like Karl Rove) gleefully labeling conservative candidates as “outside the mainstream.”

In the meantime, while the Tea Party had once enjoyed 24% popularity, according to a recent Rasmussen poll, only 8% of Americans now identify themselves as members of the Tea Party.

Only 8% identifying with the Tea party sounds pretty out out of the mainstream of American thought to me and most other folks I think.  
One thing is certain: The Right has a technology deficit.
To make matters worse, the Tea Party movement has an attrition problem called age.

All-too-often, Tea Party meeting attendees are grandparents fighting to save America’s future for their grandchildren. Yet, the grandchildren are nowhere to be found. Why?

If you’re fighting for your kids’ future, get your kids involved—and have them bring some friends.

"Come on kids, lets all go to my meeting of delusional elderly cranks!" Yeah that's sure to bring in lots of young recruits!

That brings us to Rush Limbaugh furious response to the news of Rove's new Super PAC having the audacity to take on the Tea Party in the 2014 Republican Primaries.

GOP Establishment Invites Its Own Extinction By Declaring War on Tea Party and Seeking Compromise with Democrats

RUSH: They say (summarized), "No more! And if we have to, we're gonna run Republican money against Tea Party candidates to keep the Tea Party outta here," 'cause the elites say the Tea Party is destroying the Republican Party.

I guess Rush in his through analyses didn't notice how poorly the Tea Party's candidates have done in races for the Senate.
RUSH: The bottom line is, they don't have any better record at picking winners than the, quote, unquote, "amateur" Tea Party types do. And even when they pick winners, what do we end up winning?

We get squishy Republican moderates.

You know, my biggest problem with all of this is (and we talked about this before) within Republican Party there is a huge line of demarcation.On the establishment Republican side, they don't see the country at risk.

Obama and Democrats are putting the country at risk is the central hysterical tenet of the Tea Party - Limbaugh faction. Not accepting that Democrats have a hidden agenda to destroy the United States is an apostasy to the Republican Far Right.  
RUSH: ...they're going to have to realize that if they are going to prevail they are going to have to engage in a political fight that results in the defeat of the Democrat Party, not bipartisanship, and not crossing the aisle and working together, because they don't have anything in common.
Translation: We MUST Prevail!

Translation: They Cherish Nothing We Do!

RUSH: This is a political battle to the death. The Democrats are on the march.  They don't want to have to wake up every day and even deal with the existence of Republicans.  They want to wipe out any effective opposition, not get along with it, not compromise with it.
Translation: Democrats Want To Destroy Us!

Translation: Compromise = Capitulation & Betrayal!

The new Rove Super PAC is likely to change the dynamics inside the Republican congressional caucuses long before the 2014 election takes place. The Conservative Victory Project becoming a factor in the 2014 GOP Primaries means that Republican members of congress need not be as intimidated by the threat of a Tea Party challenger running against them in the primary, if they won't have to face the Tea Party, FreedomWorks, and the Club for Growth all alone.

                        Senator Jim DeMint speaks to the multitude of Tea Party supporters

Erickson and Limbaugh love the reckless Tea Party monster they helped to create too much to see changing its name and how its presented won't change its malicious mythology. And its their malicious mythology that's the Tea Party's biggest problem, not how its been marketed, or even its over the hill demographics.

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