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Although there is a history of mall and theater shootings in this country, Sandy Hook Elementary School was the straw that broke the camel's back. So many innocent children died. The smallest thing to come out of federal legislation will most likely be mandatory background checks prior to purchasing any guns. Personally, I'm all for it because this country is overflowing with kooks and gun nuts. No matter how much the NRA and other gun rights advocates protest, something must be done. For instance, during one of the more recent break-ins at the Retreat at Twin Lakes, a 9mm pistol was stolen from the residence, not just a television. Why shouldn't homeowners lock up their guns before leaving home each day? What's wrong with a law like that? Why leave them in a drawer in the nightstand; the first place a robber would look? Would you leave your knives out for your grandchildren to play with? Of course not. That gun is now a Saturday night special and it didn't have to be that way. Before anyone calls me as a bleeding heart liberal for thinking this way, which is really nothing more than common sense, consider the following.

Nathan Haddad

A month ago, on January 6, a decorated combat veteran was driving through Jefferson County, NY, when he was stopped for a random vehicle check by a deputy sheriff. Staff Sgt. Nathan "Nate" Haddad had five 30-round assault rifle magazines in his possession. All were empty. He was arrested on the spot and charged with five felony counts.

According to his brother, Michael Haddad, those magazines were legally made before the New York (state) Assault Weapons Ban was enacted. If true, this was no criminal act. In the military, Haddad was trusted to handle weapons that far surpassed what he was carrying the night of his arrest, and now he finds himself facing a lengthy prison sentence. Oh, those liberal New Yorkers!

Haddad was recently honored by the Union League's Armed Services Council and by the Philadelphia chapter of Blue Star Mothers for his work in assisting disabled veterans get back on their feet. (If you want to view his defense fund site, go HERE)

My point is not to preach about gun laws or what's right and what's wrong; it's all about Nathan Haddad and Sandy Hook and how, somewhere, George Zimmerman falls between the two. Huh, you may ask?

Yes, the Second Amendment guarantees the right to bear arms, so that's not an issue at all. The problem is, who should be able to handle guns? Haddad? Adam Lanza, the Sandy Hook murderer? George Zimmerman?

What I find ironic about the shooting of Trayvon Martin is how justified so many people think Zimmerman was based on his Second Amendment rights. Considering that logic, so was Adam Lanza -- not that I'm attempting to put the two of them on a level playing field, but death by gun is still death by gun and, generally speaking, the court system decides how to handle those deaths, not us. Had Lanza's mother locked up her legally obtained guns when not in use, would children have died that day? And don't tell me anyone is going to keep an assault rifle in a nightstand. He couldn't have shot up a school with a lone pistol; all she needed to feel safe at night.


To put things in a more proper perspective, let's look at exactly who we're talking about in this particular case. George Zimmerman is so proud of his Hispanic heritage, he made it clear very early on that he is not a White person. He doesn't associate his background with them despite his father being Caucasian. He considers himself, as an ethnic Hispanic/Latino, to be other than White, and that places him closer to Trayvon Martin than most of his White supporters would like to think, let alone believe that he is. (Quickly, look the other way!) Wasn't his great-grandfather Afro-Peruvian? Granted, he may have said so to prove how diverse he is; that he is not a racist by any means. Or he could have said it to save his butt from a federal hate-crime charge. That means he's either telling the truth or he's lying. Take your pick.

Whichever one you choose, the fact remains that Zimmerman is not White, yet it's the race that has aligned itself with him throughout this ordeal. Why? Because he's laughing all the way to the bank, in my opinion, after begging for funding. He's milking the system. White milk, of course. Most certainly, he's not getting a pittance from Black people, and I've spoken to many Hispanics that are ashamed of what he did. "He's not one of us," some admonish. In truth, many Hispanics don't consider him to be a true Latino because only his mother is one.

What's left is White people supporting him because of gun rights and/or racism, and it makes no sense at all. Who knows anything about his past prior to the shooting last year? Anything at all, really? No one has a clear understanding about whether he did, in fact, molest his younger cousin for years. Right now, I'd be willing to give him the benefit of the doubt because nothing has been established, but what's good for the goose is good for the gander. If Trayvon's past is to be exploited, so must Zimmerman's. What do we know about him as a teenager; I mean, really know about him? That he was lily white and pure as the driven snow?

This leads us to three perplexing scenarios for Zimmerman's supporters. If they support him because of race -- Trayvon being an inferior Negro and all -- they're barking up the wrong tree house but, in truth, Zimmerman ain't truly White now, is he? (Not that it matters a hoot to me.) If it's because of advocating gun rights only -- the right to bear arms -- his supporters should look Nathan Haddad's way; not toward some lying cop wannabe who should have ceded to the right side of caution and let real cops handle the situation. In the real world, Haddad should be the hero to gun rights advocates, not Zimmerman. To those who support Zimmerman because of gun rights and racism, may God have mercy on their soul. Had Trayvon merely been white, they'd be spitting on Zimmerman right now instead of his victim's grave.


Remember, I'm a White boy saying this. I grew up in New Jersey. I know a thing or two about the Mafia, and you can trust me on this one. But that doesn't make me a mobster, even if I had an ounce of Italian blood in me. Trayvon grew up in Miami. He knew about gangs. Ergo, that didn't make him a gang member. The kid had a heart sticker on his cell phone, for crying out loud. What sort of bad ass would do that? The Heart Killers? Oh no... that was Zimmerman, but speaking of gangs...

"They do a year and dont ever open thier mouth to get my ass pinched."

We will never know what went through Trayvon's mind that fateful night, but once again, what's good for the goose should be good enough for the gander. He could have easily seen his eventual killer as a gangsta chasing him down, just like Zimmerman looked at him -- a threat. Why not? He had every right to. Growing up in the 'hood, he knew all about those types; White and Hispanic dudes acting Black. Yo Yo, Bro, Wazzup?

What's up with that? And stop calling me Bro. You stalkin' me. After all, Trayvon was raised to be very careful around not just Whites, but all light-skinned people. Every African-American kid is. They are out to get us. How else would you explain that, had Trayvon been White, a little pot wouldn't matter? He would have been just like other boys his age; a rite of passage -- part of growing up. Boys will be boys. Not Black boys, though. Black boys can't smoke pot. If they do, they are bad asses. No in between. Only White people can stand their ground. And mostly White, 'cept Mexicans.

"I dont miss driving around scared to hit mexicans walkin on the side of the street, soft ass wanna be thugs messin with peoples cars when they aint around (what are you provin, that you can dent a car when no ones watchin) dont make you a man in my book. Workin 96 hours to get a decent pay check, gettin knifes pulled on you by every mexican you run into!"

It's abundantly clear that the above two statements were fairly prejudiced and/or somewhat gangsta-minded at the time they were written. As a matter of fact, I'd be inclined to call the person who wrote them a bit of a racist, wouldn't you agree? But, then again, wasn't Trayvon "messin' with people's houses" the night he was shot by looking toward their windows from the street where he walked? There is no proof he actually looked into any of them close up.

What's most compelling about those statements is that they were made by Joe G., Zimmerman's alter ego, on his Myspace page from not so long ago. How strange, coming from such a "national hero" to many adoring fans. Well, that was then, some may decry, but so is Trayvon's past. In my opinion, there is a strong indication that when he stepped out of his vehicle with his 9mm gun on the night of February 26, 2012, George Zimmerman transformed himself into Joe G. and decided to stalk a soft-ass wanna be thug by the name of Trayvon Martin. In his mind, that's exactly what the boy was; one of the "thugs on drugs" and up to no good. He didn't dent up any cars along his way, though, nor did he pull a knife, but he still got dead.

Yup. All of his boys back home in Manassas -- that D.C. 'burb -- would be proud of Joe G. someday. He was going to prove it, too. Where are his boys now? Coming out of the woodwork for him or still chasing Mexicans around for no good reason?

WAKE UP WHITE PEOPLE! Zimmerman is no hero, no matter what any of you think. That Kel-Tec did him no good, and a real cop would have shot him dead that night had one showed up a minute or two earlier. Count on it, Homie.

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