The Daily Bucket is a regular feature of the Backyard Science group.  It is a place to note of any observations you have made of the world around you.  Insects, weather, meteorites, climate, birds and/or flowers.  All are worthy additions to the bucket.  Please let us know what is going on around you in a comment.  Include, as close as is comfortable for you, where you are located. Each note is a record that we can refer to in the future as we try to understand the patterns that are quietly unwinding around us.
Castro Valley, CA to Berkeley, CA and back.

So, Wednesday, February 6, I went up to Berkeley. This involves crossing a low ridge - part of the Oakland Hills - and then heading northerly along the base of said hills. A lot of the land one sees along this route is undeveloped or open space.

I noticed a ton of Acacia blooming, and a great quantity of Pyracantha bearing massive loads of berries. A few Eucalyptus were just starting to bloom, as were exactly 2 Ceanothus which were highway median plantings. There was also something, one lone plant, that looked like Creosote Bush, also blooming.

Your Turn

That's it for here. What is up in your area? Please give a rough idea as to where your observations were made when giving your report. Thank you.
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