Recently someone posted a photo on a facebook page designed for fans of the Chicago Bears professional football team. The 2009 photo depicted Kaitlyn Collins in her role as a cheerleader for the Green Bay Packers. The caption said " “Like If You Agree The Packers Have The Worst Cheerleaders In The NFL!”

The Packers actually have no official "Green Bay Packers Cheerleaders", but they use cheerleaders from local colleges at their home games. Collins was a student at UW-Green Bay in 2009 when the photo was taken.

Some of the comments on the photo posted by the Bears fans were rude, hurtful, even obscene. But Kaitlyn Collins fought back:

The Packers organization and many Packers fans have publicly supported Ms. Collins in her pushback against cyber-bullying, and it is now being reported that the photo and the offensive comments have been removed.

The Packers/Bears rivalry is one of the oldest in the National Football League. It's too bad that a few fans can't distinguish the line between good-natured teasing and bullying. I'm a Packers fan. Fortunately, the Bears fans I know would never make the kinds of obscene comments that were directed against Ms. Collins.

After further review...Kaitlyn Collins is a winner. Hats off to Kaitlyn Collins and the hundreds of women and men who have served as Green Bay Packers cheerleaders over the years!

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