So, ex-Eagle, and possibly ex-NFL player, Jason Babin, is truly an
idiot.  Even to a football fan, the guy is a joke.  I would not insult defensive ends by calling him a defensive end.  He is a pass rusher.

He was all set to run with the bulls this past offseason in Pamplona.  He said he
studied film, and had a strategy, saying the bulls can't corner tight
on cobblestones.  (A noted expert on the subject later revealed the
streets are paved now.  His team, which pays him millions to be
healthy, shut that idea down).  In addition, Babin is only a pass
rusher, nothing more.  Certainly nothing more.  PLEASE don't ask him
to tackle a running back.  And please don't ask him for his opinion on
anything important.

He is a hard right-wing bagger, in the mold of ex-Bruins goalie Tim
Thomas, and ex-MLBer Curt Schilling.

Late last year, after the Eagles cut him, he claimed that the
billionaire-owned NFL team had a "socialistical" system of doing

Many would argue that cutting a pass rushing specialist who wasn’t doing a good job rushing the passer in order to use your resources on players more likely to help you win is actually a capitalist approach to things, but it’s probably best not to delve too deeply into a player saying he didn’t know how he’d be treated on an Andy Reid
Eagles team after previously playing for an Andy Reid Eagles team
earlier in his career.
Yes, always best not to delve into the closed mind of a self-centered bagger.

And now for something not so completely different:

Former Eagles defensive end Jason Babin is a proud supporter of the Republican Party. He isn't afraid to speak his mind on Twitter and, as a vocal conservative, he frequently tweets political opinions that may rub some people the wrong way. He's such a proud supporter of the NRA that he actually signed his entire family up for lifetime memberships.
And, today, when his family's membership kits came in the mail, he
proudly took to Twitter and posted a picture of them.
So, Babin the idiot tweets a picture of his family's newly-arrived
(yes, from the US Postal Service) packages from the NRA, for lifetime
memberships, for the entire familia:  wife AND kids!!!



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