Today I had a good laugh thanks to a long-time conservative friend, and I wanted to share it. It started with me posting a link to this diary by lilongo on my friend's Facebook timeline and asking his opinion. See, he's an experienced local politician from my home town and I wanted to get his opinion on the diary.

In the end, he disagreed with lilongo's description of how funds flow from the Federal to the State and Local levels, and the effect those funds, or withdrawal of, has on things at the State and Local levels. But that's not what this diary is about.

The thing that really made me laugh out loud is the story he included in his reply concerning the origins of Daily Kos. Here's what he said:

By the way the website "Daily Kos" has been around from the 90's and they were first referred to as "daily Kos (chaos)" a group of disgruntled people that were purposefully trying to anger people and get a reaction and build a following. They have found a following but they are still doing the same thing. Their argument in this story is designed to fit the result they want and is not truthful at all. It is a wonderful example of the way they have been building a following for all these years. They take a result and build an argument to make it plausible, while ignoring facts that don't fit the conclusion they want to prove.
So no matter what you may read or write here on DKos, never forget that you, we, are disgruntled and purposefully trying to anger people to get a reaction. LOL!

Wed Feb 20, 2013 at 5:40 AM PT: Hahahahahahahaaa....!!!! I don't know if anyone will see this update since I'm posting it weeks later, but I just got a reply from my conservative friend about the origins of Daily Kos.

I had corrected him on the history of DK, of course, and even included a link to the Wayback Machine so he could see for himself. Here's his response:

nice try but the Wayback machine only archives back to 1996, and I was reading Daily Kos pre 1995

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