If House Speaker John Boehner really thought the sequester was a political winner, the last thing he'd be doing is calling it "the president's sequester" and creating the hashtag "#Obamaquester."

House GOP has voted to replace the president’s sequester twice. Here’s why, courtesy @whitehouse: http://j.mp/...  #obamaquester
@SpeakerBoehner via web
Something tells me Boehner doesn't want people to remember that he once claimed to have gotten 98 percent of what he wanted in the deal creating the sequester. He certainly doesn't want people to remember that he recently said the GOP's willingness to embrace the sequester represented their ultimate "leverage" in negotiating with President Obama to cut Social Security and Medicare.

In fact, for a guy who thinks the sequester is such bad news that he'd rather blame it on President Obama than take credit for it himself, the real question is this: Why won't Boehner do the rational thing and agree to repeal it?

If you think jobs and the economy should be job number one and that we should repeal the sequester instead of replacing it with cuts to social insurance programs, please co-sign the letter to President Obama and congressional leaders urging them to oppose cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

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