Backing fabric for commonmass' quilt

My heart, like the hearts of so many, is heavy today because GreenMountainBoy02 has passed away.  His beloved, commonmass, is bereft.  This quilt will now be a sympathy quilt for commonmass.

I am posting all the quilt messages that were written for GreenMountainBoy02 and commonmass so that everyone will have a chance to revise if they so wish.  And more messages are welcome, of course -- just leave your message in the comments.  This is one thing we can do to put our arms around commonmass to support him as he grieves.  He has been a tower of strength for GreenMountainBoy02 as he lay ill, he has been a tower of strength to let his beloved go peacefully to his rest.  And now he needs his friends.  Let us cry together with commonmass tonight.

racheltracks' quilt, basted for quilting.  The quilting will be finished today.

Here are the quilt messages so far.

1.    Wishing you both all the love, and hugs to hold you close to each other's hearts. We will be here if you need a friend.  emeraldmaiden

2.    Wishing you both all the best. Much love and many blessings.  One Pissed Off Liberal

3.    Please know you are both in my prayers and wishing you both the very best.  Joedemocrat

4.    May you both feel the love and healing energy of this community as you are wrapped in this quilt.  Broths

5.    When you are wrapped in this quilt, feel the arms of your community as they hold you in lovingkindness.  Weck

6.    You will be in my prayers. Sending loving, healing energy your way.  JoanMar

7.    May this quilt keep you as warm as the love you share together.  Avilyn

8.    For my Anglican brothers: "Many waters cannot quench love,
  neither can the floods drown it." -- Song of Solomon 8:7  May healing love surround you, now and always. Cali Scribe

9.    God's blessings to you both!  Jolux

10.    Your love is an inspiration to us all.  May you feel the love of the community surround you as this quilt does, and sustain you.  Gloriana

11.    Sending love from across the pond.  AnnetteK

12.    GMB02 and commonmass,
Your love for each other is precious to behold.  
Joy of Fishes

13.    Much love.  Blueoasis

14.    They also serve who only stand and wait.~ John Milton  vcmvo2

15.    Much love to you both, from a friend.  slksfca

16.    As you wrap yourself in this quilt know that you are wrapping yourselves in our loving arms.  Michelewin

17.    I hope you two snuggle up in this quilt for many years to come.  Jnhobbs

18.    May you feel as secure in the folds of this quilt as you do in each others' arms.  Both are filled with love.  Ebby

19.    Feel our love, prayers and healing thoughts surrounding you as you share this quilt. May you grow strong together!  Zoskie

20.    May the warmth of community love surround you both through many years of happiness!  Love, Ekaterin

21.    I am thinking of you. – escapee

22.    Think about it, there must be higher love
Down in the heart or hidden in the stars above
Without it, life is wasted time
Look inside your heart, I'll look inside mine      
Things look so bad everywhere
In this whole world, what is fair?
We walk blind and we try to see
Falling behind in what could be    
Bring me a higher love
Bring me a higher love, oh
Bring me a higher love
Where's that higher love, I keep thinking of?   Itzik shpitzik

23.    For there are these three things that endure: Faith, Hope and Love, but the greatest of these is Love.
~1 Corinthians 13:13  Cinnamon

24.    Ernest Hemingway had it right: "Life breaks all of us, but some of us are strong in the broken places." Few are Stronger than either of you. Together, you will a force of nature. Long may you live and long may you love -  and when you are old enough join me and a couple of thousands of others at Prime timers.  Llbear

25.    My dear boys, You are wrapped in grace, power and love beyond our knowing or imagining. Peace and love + Wee Mama

26.    this is a powerful mantra called the "death-conquering mantra." I use it every day, morning and evening and it has great healing properties for me.  If you think it is not appropriate religion-wise, pls let me know. Om tryambakam yajamahe sugandhim pusti vardhanam
Urvarukamiva bandhanan mrityor mukshiya mamritat  Portia Elm

27.    Hundreds of arms wrapped around you both in Love and Comfort.  Smoh

28.    "God brought you together and no matter where you are, together or apart, you are love through each other and for each other, your lives a blessing." With love from Concernedamerican

29.    Wishing you and GMB02 all the best.  Hugs and scritchies to you both and Geoffrey from Observerinvancouver

30.    may the grace which sustains our bodies, hearts and souls wash over you always. your love for each other invites it in. we are blessed to bear witness.  UnaSpencer

31.    When you wrap yourself in this, may the love I and all this community feel for you right now come through the threads and bring you the warmth, healing and comfort you need.  
  Love you always, Middleagedhousewife

32.    Your love for each other is a love that is an inspiration and testimony. Let this quilt remind both of you of the circle of love that surrounds you from this community.  Mapamp

33.    Dearest commonmass and GMB02,   Much love to you both.  I wish you calmness and healing for what comes.  Peace and strength to you.  And love.  Lots of love. Kelly/CJB

34.    Snuggle in this patchwork of loving friends always here to see you through.  jwinIL14

35.    To commonmass and GMB02...
Love, hang onto it.  You have it.
We love you,
Nannyboz and Persiflage

36.    Dear ones, Warmest, healing, loving thoughts to you  anotherdemocrat

37.    May the road always rise up to meet you
And the wind always be at your back.  Louisiana 1976

38.    May the positive energy from this quilt enfold you both with love, warmth, comfort and strength.    Beadlady

39.    Sending loving thoughts to you both... Peace and strength and warmth.  Shermanesq

40.    (((((((((((((((commonmass and GM02)))))))))))))))) May you feel the abundant love and healing hugs which are surrounding you and lifting you up. May the strength that comes with it fill you. Much Love, Many Hugs and Abundant Prayers, Heather  (Chacounne)

41.    Gather us in, and hold us forever
Gather us in, and make us your own
Gather us in, all peoples together
Fire of love in our flesh and our bone  Tara the Antisocial Social Worker

42.    Here's to Health and Happiness
Both of you deserve no less. Xoxo  Angie in WA State

43.    May the love stitched in this community quilt give you strength and comfort in your difficult days. Sending healing thoughts. Love you both.  Chrislove

44.    All shall be well and all shall be well
And all manner of thing shall be well.  Texasmom

45.    Love and prayers for both of you.  Vgranucci

46.    For each season of our life
A remembrance of love
For each day a simple, lovely time to just be. May memories shine forth like the sun
May loving thoughts be found on the moon path
May stars light your way. cfk in the Thumb of Michigan

47.    Bob Marley once sang,
"Everything's gonna be all right."
And in the long run it will be, whatever twists our mortal life brings us, for Love Conquers All. Namaste  zett

48.    Let our love lift you.  FarWestGirl

49.    Wrap yourself in a cloud of lightness and love and let the shield of friendship stand guard around you.    Radiowalla

50.    Snuggle, heal, and be happy.  Corvaire

51.    all my thoughts and love
commonmass and GreenMountainBoy02  Clytemnestra

52.    A love like yours radiates and multiplies, will never fade, will always thrive. We bask in the brilliant light of your love, and reflect community love back for all your lives.  Asterkitty

53.    To commonmass and GMB02,
Your love is an inspiration to us all.  Thank you for sharing it with us.  

54.    If the two of you get a chance
to spend some quality time
under this quilt,
you won't be reading these words. So,
why am I racking my brain over what to write? Relax under the quilt!  Bigjacbagjacbigjac

55.    May you be happy.
May you be peaceful.
May you be free from suffering. Om tare tutare ture soha.  Most Awesome Nana

56.    I am moved to tears tonight by the love shared by commonmass and GMB02, and by the outpouring of love and caring from this community. I am hoping that the night will bring a miracle and that we will wake to better news. Your love has touched more than you know, and extends far beyond your own heart and soul.  Peace.  Silentpawz

57.    let starlight brighten every night
let windsong soften every dawn
let every memory bind you tight
and every sunset make you strong  BlackSheep1

58.    For GMB02 and commonmass
May this quilt envelop you in the endless arms of love.

59.    We were with you for those moments of supreme joy last fall; we got the vicarious thrill of seeing you get engaged before our very eyes.  We will be with you now as well. For better or worse, we're here for you.  Lineatus

60.    Hope everything works out OK!  Joe Bacon

61.    Do not be afraid... I am with you...
I love you, and you are mine. <3 mommyof3

62.    I love you guys and wish you the best. -- bubbanomics

63.    Wishing you both life and love. This quilt has magic in it from this community and Ann and Sara's fingers. Wrap yourselves in love.  ramara

64.    Keeping you both in our hearts--love, the Venthooligans

65.    Warmth and light
Hold you close
With love in flight
From Rachel/Allergywoman

66.    Please take strength from us when you feel your strength waning, and know we are with you.  Radical simplicity

67.    May the LOVE embodied in this quilt comfort and sustain you!  Bluesheep

68.    Hi, guys! Wishing you both the best, always.  GMB, get well soon!  commonmass, take him to see a Broadway show soon!  Nothing like the musical theater to cheer a body up, right? Seriously: I wish you both all the best.  Youffraita

69.    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. ~ Lao Tzu  You both have deep wells of strength and courage. And more yet from us here at DK. Be well and happy!  Purple Priestess

70.    Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends. In faith, friendship and healing prayer,  grover

71.    Our prayers go out for you in your times of adversity.
Thank you for sharing with us your times of joy and love.

72.    As your love holds each other, may our love comfort you both, and God's love keep us all.  Ahianne

73.    your love for each other is forever.  Badscience

74.    commonmass and greenmountainboy02: may you give each other strength throughout your lives together. It's what married couples do.  Blue aardvark

75.    (((commonmass and GreenMountainBoy02))) May these patches of love give warmth and comfort as you make your way through.  Alicia

76.    May the two of you share share a long life together, kept warm by your Love for one another and the love of our community.  NormAl1792

77.    May you will always find healing in this quilt.  Gizmo59

78.    May the warmth and love of this community surround you and keep you for all of your days.
With love,

79.    {{{commonmass & greenmountainboy02}}}  bfitzinAR

80.    Love surrounds you- heart to heart, spirit to spirit, unending .  
My love to you both, Marti

81.    Much love and healing blessings to you both. {{{cm & GMB02}}}  Ooooh

82.    ...from a UU Healing Prayer: "We lift up those whose lives are touched by sadness, by illness, by worry, or by loneliness. May they find comfort, hope, and healing strength in this community and the larger community." With much love, Vacationland

83.    All the love that's come from the two of you is returning  to you now in a supply that will last forever.  RJDixon74135

84.    [draw a big heart] raincrow

85.    [draw two heart icon]  Torta

86.    make of your hands one hand
make of your hearts one heart  TrueBlueMajority

87.    May the Universe show kindness and strength to you both.  i'm keeping you both close in the light.    Labwitchy
88.    Blessed be the Lovers  Another Grizzle

89.    This symbolizes the love you have for each other, and that this community has for you, my dearest friends.  Dave in Northridge

90.    Love endures.  Sidnora

91.    Rise up, my love, my fair one,
And come away.
For lo, the winter is past,
The rain is over and gone.
The flowers appear on the earth;
The time of singing has come,
And the voice of the turtledove
Is heard in our land.
The fig tree puts forth her green figs,
And the vines with the tender grapes
Give a good smell.   Jane in Maine

92.    May the love that you found with each other, and that you shared with us, warm you always, even on the coldest, darkest days. BadKitties

93.    Life is uncertain; cuddling is imperative.  Love/ DvCM

94.    please know the Daily Kos community holds you both dear as expressed by the love contained in this quilt.  Maggiejean

95.    {{{{{commonmass and GreenMountainBoy02}}}}}   Those who trust in him will understand truth, and the faithful will abide with him in love,
because grace and mercy are upon his holy ones,
and he watches over his elect. (Wisdom 3:9)  Wishing you both peace and comfort,
ProvokingMeaning and peregrine kate

96.    Hugs and love from BiPM and CSM.  Friends always.

97.    With you both  Your love will be with you forever and always from both of us  smileycreek and paradise50

98.    May the universe, and all that is good within it, bless you and grant you the strength to heal.  jeeugena

Dave in  Northridge's quilt

We've received donations to cover all these messages.  But there will likely be more messages tonight.  If you would like to donate toward the making of this quilt or to support our work generally, here is a PayPal link -- or message me for an address if you prefer a check.  $10/message is suggested -- although some give more to cover for those who cannot afford to donate, so please feel free to leave a message for commonmass!

Dave in Northridge's quilt, showing the backing

These are the community quilts we have made to date:

These are the community quilts we have completed so far:

1. othniel (cellulitis and ensuing complications, RIP)
2. exmearden (cancer of heart and lung, RIP)
3. MsSpentyouth (brain tumor)
4. Moe99 (lung cancer, RIP)
5. Michelle Caudle (ovarian cancer, RIP)
6. BFSkinner (lupus)
7. Kitsap River (long wait for kidney donor that ended 2/18/11)
8. Frederick Clarkson (blood clots)
9. Dreaming of Better Days (lymphoma)
10. one bite at a time (lost house and belongings to fire)
11. Timroff (cellulitis)
12. Sol Fed Joe (multiple cancers and health problems)
13. Brubs (AIDS, immune reconstitution syndrome)
14. rserven (gall bladder infection with dangerous complications)
15. grndrush (brain tumor, RIP)
16. ImpeachKingBushII (needs liver transplant)
17. andsarahtoo (lupus)
18. Frank Cocozzelli (muscular dystrophy)
19. luvsathoroughbred (breast cancer)
20. Predictor (stroke and HIV)
21. Austex54 (caretaker to othniel)
22. Theodore Olbermann, RIP
23. cskendrick (antibiotic resistant infection)
24. Keith Olbermann (caregiver to father)
25. Juan (cancer)
26. Ana (a young horse belonging to Juan, hit by truck)
27. MA Liberal’s mother (Alzheimer’s)
28. Charles CurtisStanley (caretaker to Kitsap River)
29. Lorikeet (cervical cancer)
30. Dr. Lori (metastatic cancer)
31. ulookarmless (cancer, heart condition, stroke, RIP)
32. riverlover (caregiver to husband suffering from liver failure, now widowed)
33. Melody Townsel (caregiver to dying father, now deceased)
34. dadanation (AIDS)
35. Dr. William F. Harrison (leukemia, RIP)
36. Larry Bailey (sudden loss of partner to heart attack)
37. ramara (adopted son with fetal alcohol syndrome)
38. Noor B (herniated disk from car accident)
39. Louisiana 1976 (fibromyalgia, severe arthritis, depression)
40. stumpy (MS, stroke, RIP)
41. bleeding heart's niece (cancer, RIP)
42. escapee (failure of corneal surgery)
43. SarahLee (lymphoma, Lyme Disease)
44. Bustergirl (ovarian cancer)
45. mimi's niece (cancer, RIP)
46. ZenTrainer (breast cancer)
47. Miss Blue (severe injury to shoulder, anxiety over coverage for surgery)
48. Granny Doc (bladder cancer, RIP)
49. mango (heart attack)
50. nudger (ovarian cancer, RIP)
51. DaNang65 (heart condition)
52. Lt. Choi (exhaustion)
53. Nurse Kelley (spinal stenosis)
54. Ben Masel (lung cancer, RIP)
55. Otterary Scribe (caregiver, grieving grandfather, grieving widower)
56. Aji (autoimmune diseases incl. fibromyalgia, inflammatory arthritis, & Chronic Epstein-Barr Virus Syndrome)
57. JaxDem (suddenly widowed)
58. DavidW (AIDS and other undiagnosed illness)
59. Jester the Marine (facing amputation of leg)
60. peregrine kate (endometrial cancer)
61. mimi (grief due to family illnesses)
62. alliedoc (endometrial cancer, RIP)
63. labwitchy (diffuse scleroderma)
64. Daily Kos (celebrating community)
65. belinda ridgewood (sudden loss of her mother)
66. princesspat (blood clots, deep vein thrombosis)
67. Scott Olsen (severe head injury)
68. SensibleShoes (caring for sister with brain cancer)
69. Joanna (cancer)
70. cany (grieving caretaker of mother with dementia)
71. Patriot Daily News Clearinghouse (breast cancer)
72. Scottie Thomaston (intense chronic pain from spine, kidney stones)
73. paradise50 (throat cancer)
74. woodtick (caregiver to mother with Alzheimer's)
75. BeninSC (mulitple fractures from bicycle accident)
76. Adrian (colon cancer)
77. Smoh (breast cancer, stroke, depression)
78. slksfca (sudden onset of arthritis requiring hip replacement)
79. arizonablue (grief and exhaustion)
80. Lorikeet (grieving widow - this quilt was a gift from the Rescue Rangers)
81. remembrance (breast cancer) and Glen the Plumber (her caregiver)
82. MassHarry (colon cancer)
83. Regina in a Sears Kit House (severe immune problems from Lyme Disease)
84. nannyboz (grief for father, crippling back pain requiring surgery)
85. raina (grief)
86. earicicle (breast cancer)
87. AntKat (cancers of the throat, RIP)
88. Alma (breast cancer)
89. DarkHawk98 (lung cancer)
90. llbear (brittle diabetic)
91. michelewin (grief and trauma)
92. Dave in Northridge (grieving widower)

See also these two thank you posts from multiple quilt recipients:

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We Have Something to Say to YOU, Sara R and winglion!

backing for Ebby's quilt -- we will use some of this in commonmass' quilt

Racheltracks' quilt is almost done.  I am working on the messages for Ebby's quilt.  There will be another diary for Leaves on the Current's quilt to collect more messages.

Dusty inspects Dave in Northridge's quilt

These quilts are planned:

Carol in San Antonio (cancer)
UnaSpensor (Lyme disease)
MA Liberal (caretaker to her mother who has dementia)
paradox (cyclical vomiting syndrome, PTSD, depression)
Ellinorianne (rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia)
MsGrin (life long heart problems requiring multiple surgeries)
LorelieHI (PTSD, reversals of fortune, depression)
Oke (severe respiratory infection)

michelewin's quilt, detail


Boots on Scottie's quilt
Boots says, "Thank you for supporting community quilts!"


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