Happy Friday again, beer fans! Happier Friday even than usual, because this one is the kickoff to SF Beer Week. There are more great beer events near me than ever before, and the next few days will be hard on both my liver and my wallet.

I'm especially looking forward to a couple of sour beer events, an IPA event and a Stone Brewing event billed as offering 28 taps. Pliny the Younger has already been tapped at a few favored locations; I'll make some effort to get one but I won't wait in line over an hour again.

Any FNBB readers in the San Jose vicinity, shoot me a kosmail and maybe we can hoist one.

In other beer news, a story from where beer is a luxury:  Digging up the buried beer at Hotel Timbuktu.

My fridge contains several single beers left over from the Super Bowl party. I know there's one Guinness and one Celebration, I finished the Trumer Pils. What are you drinking?

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